@Work: Being Human Creates Fearless Leaders

“No other enemy is as powerful and destructive as the fear we create, feed, and foster in our own minds.”

We all have just one enemy. One. Fear. It exists because we created it and it lives because we feed it. And it thrives because we give it the most fertile land on which to grow – our minds. And much like a weed, or cheap cologne for that matter, it rapaciously overwhelms everything in its path, transforming what was once familiar, into a menacing, twisted, knotted, disfiguring mass that obscures the path home.

We are not only our worst enemy. We are our only enemy. Because there is no greater pain, loneliness, or hurt we can experience than when we abandon, mutilate, and pepper ourselves with wounds self-inflicted and profound. It’s not the words of others that hurt and damage us. No, what hurts and scars us most is when we believe these “people” might be right.

Your mind, weakened by fear, is then susceptible to other viruses– they appear in the form of thought, destructive patterns of thinking, anxiety, and phobias that urge us to crouch and seek false shelter under the shade of weeds.

But as it is with most living things, perpetual shade only deteriorates and weakens. Our neural pathways crack and splinter like weathered wood and abandoned homes.